With over 50 years of trading experience from its founders, NORITAZEH was established in 1997 and rapidly launched its first phase of production with a 30 metric ton furnace. Soon after shaking the industry with highest quality of glassware produced in Iran, NORITAZEH formed a licensing agreement with SOGA Glass of Japan producing SOGA designs in Iran.

  • Almost immediately, NORITAZEH began exporting its glassware and claiming the Iranian Industrial Company of the Year Award repeatedly in 2001 and onwards.
  • After acquiring 5 million sq.ft. of land in the prime industrial city of Shamsabad, 40 km from the capital city of Tehran and in close vicinity of the new international airport, NORITAZEH began expanding its manufacturing plant and establishing a logistics and distribution centre. NORITAZEH also began establishing new decoration and packaging units to further enhance its competitive advantage.
  • In 2004, a 150 Ton furnace, the largest of its kind, was inaugurated in Iran and NORITAZEH became the first manufacturer in Iran to automatically produce jugs and spin dinnerware.
  • NORITAZEH now employs over 1,000 people directly in manufacturing and carries the most competitive and complete range of tabletop glassware in Iran.
  • With broad knowledge and understanding of local market demand and requirements today NORITAZEH is the leading tabletop glassware brand in Iran.

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