Noritazeh Glass Company (Private Joint Stock) considered as one of the largest manufacturers of patterned glass in Middle East. With over 60 years of science and trading experience of its founders, Noritazeh Company established in 1997 and the year of 2000 launched its first productions to market. Since foundation, Noritazeh Company formed a licensing agreement with SOGA Glass of Japan producing SOGA designs in Iran. Since 2008, Noritazeh Company continued to production independently from SOGA.

The main focus of Noritazeh Company is on production of:

  • Giftware and serve ware
  • Daily use soda lime glass
  • Press serving platters and bowls
  • Press tumblers and mugs
  • Press n Blow tumblers and stemware
  • Water and fridge jugs
  • Centrifuge dinnerware

Already products of noritazeh are exporting to the most Asian, European, African and some southern American countries. Currently, Noritazeh Company using with homogeneous diversification strategy seeking for development of products and market.

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